From Spoilt Cake On Swiggy To Wrong Orders On Zomato, X Users Complain About Poor Services

Customers slam Swiggy and Zomato for receiving poor-quality orders.

by Shreya Ghosh
From Spoilt Cake On Swiggy To Wrong Orders On Zomato, X Users Complain About Poor Services

Most of us are VERY MUCH dependent on several online food delivery platforms. Be it too busy to cook or not in the mood to enter the kitchen, we love ordering from Swiggy and Zomato and relish the yummy dishes. Unfortunately, there have been many times when customers faced bad experiences after receiving bad-quality products. Taking to social media platforms, users often complain about getting poor services provided by Swiggy and Zomato.

Customers Slam Swiggy For Recent Experiences

Many Netizens recently posted on X about their experiences of ordering from this online platform.

Anusha (@desire24_) posted about placing an order for tea cake from Swiggy but receiving bad quality and hard cakes. Calling them bricks, she stated how Swiggy offered her a refund of ₹19 as a token of apology. However, the order was for ₹189.

VAIBHAV CHOPRA (@VAIBHAV46635269) ordered 500 gm of chicken on Swiggy Instamart and received the delivery on Wednesday night. After opening the packet, the customer realised that the chicken smelled very bad. After seeing the expiry date, Vaibhav saw that it had expired already before receiving the order.

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Here Are Some Complaints About Zomato Orders:

Dhruv Veragiwala is a pure vegetarian and ordered a Chilli Paneer Bowl from Chinese Wok in Chennai’s Urappkam. To his surprise, he found out that the order was prepared with chicken and not panner. He even ate chicken without knowing about the wrong order.

The Fourth Eye (@thesharpeyes98) shared about placing an order for burgers and cokes on Zomato. The customer expressed disappointment with the order after receiving 3 small cokes. However, the order was for 3 large cokes. In addition to these, burgers were spoiled and prepared poorly. Enough mayo was not a part of the order as well.

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X user thakur (@thakur_1641) shared a picture of a cake order and it can be seen that a portion of the cake got a bit crumbled due to not handling it gently. Tagging Zomato, the customer added that the entire birthday cake got spoiled.

Do you often order from Swiggy and Zomato? If yes, have you faced any such similar experiences?

Cover Image Courtesy: X/ thakur (@thakur_1641), X/ Anusha (@desire24_)

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