From Vasai To Everest! 9-YO Girl Treks To Everest Base Camp, Aspires To Conquer The Mountain

by Mallika Khurana
From Vasai To Everest! 9-YO Girl Treks To Everest Base Camp, Aspires To Conquer The Mountain

In an awe-inspiring tale of youthful determination and courage, the world has witnessed the remarkable journey of 9-year-old Swara Patil, a bright fourth-grade student at Carmelite Convent School in the picturesque town of Vasai. Her extraordinary feat has captured the hearts and imaginations of people around the globe, showcasing the limitless potential of the human spirit and resilience.

Swara Patil’s Ascent To Everest Base Camp

everest base camp
Photo Credits: Canva

The incredible adventure began high in the Himalayas, where Swara embarked on a 12-day trek to reach the base camp of Mount Everest. Nestled in the awe-inspiring landscapes of Nepal, the base camp stands tall at an imposing altitude of 5,364 metres. Swara was not alone in this grand endeavour, as she was accompanied by her father, Digamber. He is a seasoned marathon runner who shared her passion for the mountains.

Their journey commenced on September 25, starting from Lukla, the gateway to the Everest region. As per the reports from Times Now, for nearly two weeks, this dynamic duo trekked through unforgiving terrain, battling sub-zero temperatures and braving harsh conditions. Each day, they would set out at 7:30 am and would only conclude their arduous journey by 2:30 pm. 

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Reaching the base camp was just the beginning of this young mountaineer’s incredible odyssey. Swara Patil has set her sights on an even more awe-inspiring goal: to conquer the summit of Mount Everest. Towering at an astounding 8,850 meters above sea level, the summit is a dream shared by few and achieved by even fewer.

Swara’s aspiration is to etch her name in history as the youngest Indian to attain this extraordinary feat, standing on top of the world and breathing in the rarified air of the world’s highest peak. The current record holder, Malavath Poorna, achieved this monumental feat at the age of 13 years and 11 months, back on May 25, 2014. 

This Is Not The Beginning Of Her Victories

sar pass
Photo Credits: Canva

At the age of nine, she became the youngest person in India to conquer the Sar Pass in Himachal Pradesh. She even pursued the towering peak of Kalsubai, Maharashtra’s highest point at 1,646 metres, on March 1, 2023. These achievements are not mere accolades but testimonies to the fiery spirit that burns within her heart.

Swara’s journey was set in motion by her father, who initially nudged her towards athletics. However, her focus swiftly gravitated towards mountaineering. She was inspired by Vasai’s very own Harshvardhan Joshi, who astoundingly scaled Mount Everest on his first attempt in February 2021.

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Swara’s life is marked by discipline and determination. As per the reports from Times Now, she starts her day at 5 am, with rigorous exercise to prepare her body and mind for the day’s challenges. Amidst all these incredible feats, she remains a diligent student, attending school to gain knowledge alongside life lessons. Her day concludes with a simple dinner at 7 pm, and she retires to bed within the next 45 minutes. She also avoids indulging in junk food, with her only occasional departure being a plate of idli on lazy Sundays.

Swara Patil’s story is one of inspiration, resilience, and unwavering dedication. 

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva

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