G20 Health Meet: From Gujarati Kadhi, Millet Wraps To Fashion Show & Garba, Here’s A Peek Into The Event

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
G20 Health Meet: From Gujarati Kadhi, Millet Wraps To Fashion Show & Garba, Here’s A Peek Into The Event

The World Health Organization’s first global summit on traditional medicines and other co-branded events were held in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, from August 17–19, together with the Health Ministers’ Meeting and Joint Finance Meeting. If you thought health meets were all about diseases and drugs, take a peek at the G20 Health Meet, and your thoughts will surely change! From Gujarati Kadhi to Garba, the event was lit for sure!

A Peek Into The G20 Health Meet

Health ministers from 29 countries, including 14 G20 members, seven invited countries, and eight other nations, attended the G20 Health Meeting. The Union health ministry dubbed it “India’s largest global health event.”

The health ministry also organized cultural acts, including garba and dandiya, a Gujarati dance style based on circular patterns, which brought the attendees to the stage.

A fashion show with the themes of One Health and sustainable fashion was also organized. Along with other famous people, the event was attended by designer Ritu Beri and Bollywood producer Boney Kapoor. Delegates also went to Mansukh Mandaviya’s home in Gandhinagar, the home of the Union’s health minister.

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Raising Awareness About Millets

India, which is both the world’s largest producer and second-largest exporter of millet, has been encouraging millet consumption and production through a number of campaigns.

The Indian government requested that the United Nations designate 2023 as the International Year of Millets with the intention of raising awareness.

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There were many options on the lunch and dinner menus of G20 Health Meet, and each meal featured an average of 60 different items. Although non-vegetarian food was also served, vegetarian food received special attention.

Along with specially selected millet-made meals including millet wraps, millet risotto, millet gulab jamun, and millet soup, the menu also featured Gujarati culinary items like “Gujarati Kadhi” and “Bhindi Batata Nu Shaak.” (As per News 18)

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