Galentine’s Day: From Wine Tasting To Anti-Valentine’s Day, Try Some Unique Last-Minute Party Ideas

Ladies listen up! This Galentine’s Day have a blast with your gals and plan these unique parties.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Galentine’s Day: From Wine Tasting To Anti-Valentine’s Day, Try Some Unique Last-Minute Party Ideas

Just before the much-awaited day for lovers arrives, Valentine’s Day, it’s time to celebrate your girlfriends! Without whom you will not to able to reply to that one DM asking you out, give you a reality check whenever needed, or help you choose which pretty silk dress to wear to your party last night. Girlfriends are crucial in life and they are there for you when you need them. The popular quote from Sex and the City,  “Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates…” surely sums it up for us. This Galentine’s Day, plan some of these unique party ideas and have a blast on February 13th with you gals!

This Galentine’s Day, Enjoy These 7 Last-Minute Party Plans With Your Gals

1. Plan For A Wine Tasting Evening

Let’s start Galentine’s Day the right way! All booze, fun, love, and no thoughts. You are going to be with your best girlfriends and we are sure they will look after each other after a successful wine tasting. Book a quick session at the nearest wine-tasting place and get to taste new creations and indulge in the history and making of wines. If not, then you may simply plan this at your home. Source a couple of great bottles of wine, play games and cheers!

2. Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

We are aware not everyone gets to celebrate Valentine’s Day. So for them, it is always about the cute Galentine’s Day, just a day before Valentine’s Day. while lovers are basking in the glory of ‘love’, some are heartbroken and single. We adhere to every one of you. We are not leaving behind the singles! So for this year host a party with the theme of Anti-Valentine’s Day. Make cookies and blast Taylor Swift cause “you made a really deep cut and baby, now we got bad blood!” P.S. You may even make the cake showcased in Swift’s Blank Space music video.

3. Throw A Barbie Party

Hi Barbie! Hi Barbie! Hi Barbie! There are no “Hi Kens” for this Galentine’s Day and we love it. The colour theme is pink, obviously and we do not care if you have flat feet, cellulite or stretch marks cause it doesn’t matter. Everyone is a Barbie in her dream world! Might as well re-watch the Barbie movie and re-enact some scenes. Enjoy some snacks, drinks and laughs.

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4. Go For Bachata Classes With Your Besties

Bachata is a romantic dance form known for its sensual and slow moves. What better way to practice it than with your bestie? You can be as sensual and flirty with your girlfriends as you want. C’mon it’s Galentine’s Day, it is better to show love and appreciation. This time, do it with bachata. Don’t forget to wear a wonderful flowy dress.

5. Colour-Coded Meals

Roses are red, violets are blue, and February is not all about pink and red. That did not rhyme but you know what did, planning for elaborate food items or drinks, according to colours. You can pick any colour, except red and pink obviously. You have to prepare a food item of the same colour and the rest do the same. Then it is like a colour-coded potluck; it will be better if you keep the items are a surprise.

6. Exchange Your Favourite Books

For this one, you have to be sure if they have read the book you are lending or not. Bibliophiles know the pain behind receiving the same books once in a while. This Galentine’s Day, swap out a good set of books and introduce your girlfriends to new authors, genres or that one book you have been meaning for her to read. This is the perfect opportunity to do so. Let’s see who finishes their book the quickest.

7. Paint & Sip For Each Other

Painting and glasses of wine do go together, especially if it’s Galentine’s Day! Plan a great last-minute party with your girlfriends by painting anything unique, abstract or portrait for your gal and gift it to her. All the while you can sip on alcohol and have munchies. If that somehow affects the paintings, you gotta take it as the love she is expressing for you. 

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Happy Galentine’s Day!

Cover Image Credits: Canva

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