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by Shreya Ghosh

All of us have different habits for doing our day-to-day activities, be it as simple as eating a meal. There are so many people who simply cannot enjoy food without watching something on mobile or television. Well, our guest on this episode of Sunday Brunch has some different and unique rules for his life. Curly Tales Editor-In-Chief Kamiya Jani joined the one and only Gaur Gopal Das on a special Sunday Brunch episode and enjoyed a simple Sattvic meal. With good food, there were some good conversations as well. Guruji shared his everyday routine in this interview. So let’s take a quick look at that.

Gaur Gopal Das Enjoys One Meal Every Day Only By Himself

Living the life of a monk comes with lots of beliefs, dedication, good practices, and a lot more. Similarly, Guruji lives a life following a healthy lifestyle. His day begins very early in the morning between 3:30 am and 5 am. After completing her morning routine, worshipping, and workout, he enjoys his breakfast. Gaur Gopal Das is someone who believes in eating by himself mindfully. He loves to enjoy his meal by focusing on the process of eating properly. He prefers to enjoy at least one meal a day without talking to anybody.

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Guruji Has Some Simple Rules To Follow While Eating His Meal

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Gaur Gopal Das prefers to eat his meals without using any mobile or read a book or watch something on TV while eating. If not all the time, his preference is at least eating one meal all by himself without talking or watching anything. It is his principle to just be present in the process of eating. Gaur Gopal Das takes about 25 minutes to half an hour to finish his meal, even a small one.

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Kamiya Jani had the incredible privilege to enjoy a Sunday Brunch with the one & only Gaur Gopal Das and listen to his valuable lessons and wisdom. Watch this video on the Curly Tales YouTube channel for Guruji’s insights and how he responded to all the questions candidly. And for more such interviews, tap on the subscribe button on the Curly Tales YouTube channel.

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