GCC’s Busiest Cruise Destination, Abu Dhabi Records 700,000 Passengers In 2022-23

by Deeplata Garde
GCC’s Busiest Cruise Destination, Abu Dhabi Records 700,000 Passengers In 2022-23

People nowadays are preferring the third mode of transportation more often, The ones that didnt ring a bell, we are talking about travelling by water. And cruise travel is one of the ultimate luxuries people are looking forward to experiencing. Hence Abu Dhabi, one of the busiest cruise destinations of GCC recorded 70,000 guests onboard. Let’s find out more reasons to be in awe about this cruise terminal.

Abu Dhabi Stands As The Busiest Cruise Terminal

Over 82,000 passengers began their journeys from Abu Dhabi as an embarkation port. The Abu Dhabi Cruise Terminal registered more than 700,000 guests arriving in Abu Dhabi. Compared to Q1 of 2022, which saw 89,953 visitors and 60 calls, Q1 of 2023 showed a notably high level of activity. It recorded around 363,494 visitors and 120 calls being tracked. More than 37% of additional people were accommodated during the first quarter of 2023 than during the entire year of 2022. This increase is due to Abu Dhabi Cruise Terminal’s continuous dedication and the anticipated recovery of the UAE cruise sector following COVID-19. Overall, the improvement over the prior season was impressive.

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Rise In Demand For The Cruise

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The UAE capital may now be explored and experienced by cruise ship passengers thanks to the opening of the Abu Dhabi Cruise Terminal in December 2015. The Etihad Airline check-in area, restaurants, retail stores, duty-free shops, and baggage storage are all available in the cruise terminal. The rise in tourists is a reflection of Abu Dhabi’s status as a premier destination for marine tourism and of the confidence our cruise industry partners have placed in us to bring their newest and largest ships to the area.

All visitors may now enjoy a fantastic and distinctive cruise experience thanks to the development of Sir Bani Yas Cruise Beach and Abu Dhabi Cruise Terminal. This gives guests the chance to explore Sir Bani Yas Island’s breathtaking natural beauty as well as Abu Dhabi’s amazing attractions.

The cruise terminal team has put a lot of effort into being the busiest cruise hub in the area. All thanks to the management and operational personnel at Abu Dhabi Cruise Terminal. Without the facilities’ top-notch infrastructure and ongoing enhancements, this feat would not have been feasible.

Cover Image Courtesy: MSC Cruise USAADMedia Office