German Ambassador Shares His #MangoDiaries Experience In India & Names His Fav Varieties!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
German Ambassador Shares His #MangoDiaries Experience In India & Names His Fav Varieties!

Do you know what the worst thing about the summer season coming to an end is? It is bidding adieu to mangoes until next year! The best way to spend summers is to add as many mangoes of different varieties to your stomach. The German Ambassador to India, Dr. Philipp Ackermann, also spent his summer tasting varieties of mangoes, and as the season comes to an end, he shares his #MangoDiaries experience. 

German Ambassador Shares His #MangoDiaries Experience

The German Ambassador to India, Dr. Philipp Ackermann, tasted many varieties of mangoes as he was gifted some of them during his stay in Delhi. His #MangoDiaries are a hit! As the mango season came to an end, he expressed his sadness about the same.

Talking about his experience, he mentioned that he had the best time interviewing people, going to mango festivals, and going to various markets, like one in Bengaluru.

He named a few of his favourite mango varieties in India, like Kesari from Gujarat, Himsagar from West Bengal, Mankurad from Goa, Mallika from South India, and Malda from East Bihar/West Bengal.

He ended the mango season in the best way by relishing Langda, a variety of mango from Uttar Pradesh, as it is also one of his favourites.

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Stay Calm, Eat Aam

While talking about what he learned from conversations with people over mango, he jokingly used a very famous Hindi phrase, “Aam ke aam, guthliyon ke daam.” The simple meaning of this phrase is to gain more benefit in one single attempt.

He also used another Hindi phrase, “Aam khao, ped mat gino,” which means until it lasts, don’t question your fortune. The German Ambassador said that he has made this line the motto of his life! As the video ends, he leaves with a cute message: “Stay calm, eat aam”. 

The video has received 13.3K views so far, and netizens were happy to see Dr. Philip Ackerman’s love for Indian mangoes. Some spoke about mango pickles and aam papads and how those last for the entire year, even after the mango season comes to an end.

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Which is your favourite?

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