Get A Slice Of The Best Of Bihari Cuisine In Delhi At This Online Kitchen

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Get A Slice Of The Best Of Bihari Cuisine In Delhi At This Online Kitchen

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Litti.In is an online kitchen that does online deliveries specializing in Bihari cuisine which is known to be the best in all of Delhi.

What Is It?

Litti.In is an online kitchen where you can place your order on their website or on other food apps like Swiggy and Zomato. Litti.In is known to serve the best Littis in their full grace.

What’s In It?

You can’t sit here and wait for your food to come. Instead, your food is served is hot right to your doorstep to get savoured. We tried 5 dishes and these are our favourite picks – Litti Chokha, where the Littis (wheat balls stuffed with baked gram flour and dipped in desi ghee) is served with Chokha which includes mashed potato served with Brinjal and mustard oil.

Try Litti Mutton which has the awesomeness of Littis served with specially cooked mutton., Paratha Ghoogini which is a dry form of kala chana served with piping hot parathas. Palak Puri is probably Popeye’s version of favourite puris served with a duet made up of potato and tomato.

Get your own share of the Best of Bihari cuisine in Delhi at this online kitchen called Litti.In and enjoy your meal. Their online kitchen is located in Malviya Nagar that comes with no sitting and they do deliveries in prominent areas like Vasant Kunj, South Ex, GK 1 & 2, CR Park and in Kalkaji.


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