Get Your Funk On At Pune’s Most Chilled Out Resto-Bar

by Kritika Kukreja
Get Your Funk On At Pune’s Most Chilled Out Resto-Bar

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The Funky Kona promises Saturday nights with a cool breeze, upbeat music and only mellow vibes.

What Is It? 

Located in the up and coming Baner area of Pune, The Funky Kona has established itself as a casual but uber fun pub for the youth. I visited the place with a friend on a Saturday night and found the best ambiance! With mostly outdoor seating area, the place has a unique sense to it.

Serving the best finger food along with one of a kind cocktails, this resto-bar has become a people’s favorite in no time.

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What’s In It? 

The place is two-storeyed with an extraordinary atmosphere on all floors. The vibrant color of the interiors on the ground floor along with the quirky style of lamps only adds to the charm of the place. Considering the outdoor seating area is simply marvelous, the inside bar area is ecstatic on its own.

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With comic posters and a more artistic approach to the outlook there, it is guaranteed to give you a time like no other.

Their tagline being ‘Lift Up your spirits’, The Funky Kona definitely lets you have a great time whether you’re out with friends or enjoying a date with bae.

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What’s To Drink?

The bar is loaded with all kinds of spirits that will lift up yours at this place.

Let’s start off with the beers, where you can find almost 10 different brands serving the best quality chilled beer for your Saturday night.

You can also find Sangrias, Classic cocktails and hard liquors. The cocktails include some infusions that you might have already heard, but some of them happen to be their own creations that are only pleasing to your taste buds.


The Head Bangers have their own category owing to the uniqueness of their making. They are concoctions made out of different varieties of liquor along with energizers like red bull, or drinks like cranberry juice, cherry syrups or our regular favorite coco-cola.

What’s To Eat? 

We started off the evening by ordering Masala Peanuts, the finger food of the best ones. As the evening went on, I chose to order the Crumb Fried Cheese Mushrooms, which were delicious. Although, the dishes served weren’t too Instagram friendly, but yummy in the tummy nonetheless.

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If you’d rather go for the non-vegetarian items, the Chicken Peri Peri sounds promising owing to its tangy twist and sinful chicken. Ask for the difference between their Nachos and Salsa, and Awesome Nachos with Salsa. The ‘Awesome’ category in the food menu is the chef’s favorites so make sure to try those as well. Another dish my friend swears by are the pizzas at The Funky Kona. The toppings seem out of this world and you won’t be disappointed.


With the music and ambiance, the place sure has the feels of an urban pub. My friend and I were able to have a good conversation despite the music playing, so it’s not one of your unusually loud pubs.

Address: Someshwar Crossing, Opposite Green Park Hotel, Baner Road, Baner, Pune
Phone: 020 30162010
Approx cost: ₹1,400 for two people with alcohol

From multiple offers on special occasions to wonderful screenings, The Funky Kona provides the youthful touch that Pune’s been waiting for.

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