Get Lip-smacking On Bihari Style Mutton Here In Delhi

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Get Lip-smacking On Bihari Style Mutton Here In Delhi

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Get a taste of authentic Bihari cuisine by indulging in the lip-smacking Bihari style Mutton at Champaram House in Delhi.

What Is It?

Champaram Meat House located in Janakpuri District Centre dishes out authentic Bihari Mutton and Chicken Handi that combine flavours cooked straight out of the charcoal, cooked in the simplest way to give out the best taste.

What’s In It?

Their Mutton curry is known to be one of the best in all of Delhi. They prepare Chicken and Mutton in Handis on firewood with tawa rotis and rice that is served along with the Mutton or Chicken curry.

The dishes taste absolutely authentic cooked in Bihari style with traditional flavours in earthen pots right in front of your eyes.


Address: Champaran Meat house, Suneja Tower 1, District Center, Janakpuri, New Delhi
Phone: +918825204478
Cost for two: ₹400