Get Paid INR 1.4 Lakhs To Move To A Beautiful Town In Italy

by Natasha Monteiro
Get Paid INR 1.4 Lakhs To Move To A Beautiful Town In Italy

What if someone paid you about 1.4 lakh rupees to shift in to an idyllic little town in Italy? If you’re thinking, Wow! Move to Italy and get paid for it? Then, read on!

The Announcement:

Mayor Daniele Galliano of Bormida, a sleepy l’il town in Italy, has announced that he will pay EUR 2000 (INR 1,40,000 approx) to anyone willing to move in to the city. Not only that, he also promises reduced rent of just EUR 50 (INR 3,500 approx) per month.

Mayor Daniele Galliano of Bormida in the orange


The announcement comes in lieu of the dwindling population in the town. The count currently stands at 394 citizens. That’s how many people live in my society!

All About Bormida, Italy:

Now that you’re planning on moving there (we know you are) here’s a few deets for you. Bormida is spread over approx. 9 square miles. The town is home to the beautiful parish church of San Giorgio which dates all the way back to the 1200s. Bormida also has the most spectacular sunrises!


Bormida has four restaurants, a pharmacy, a library, a post office that opens three times a week, a corner shop and a B&B. A doctor also visits the town three times a week.


It’s close to the sea, the air is clean and the lifestyle is fantastic. The best part though is the delicious food of the region. Gorge on Italian food all day long – because ummm, you’ll be staying here!


San Giorgio at Bormida

Pack your bags! It’s time to head to Bormida!


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