Get Rewarded For Your Everyday Spends

by Kritika Kukreja
Get Rewarded For Your Everyday Spends

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What if we told you that we found a way to get rewarded every time you swipe your card? Every. Single. Time. In fact, do you know that there are people who never pay for flights?

What Is It?

What does your average day look like? You wake up, grab some breakfast, travel to work, probably order in lunch, wait to leave work, probably watch a movie and then travel home. What if we told you that your everyday routine could actually be a rewarding experience? And we ain’t talking about spiritual rewards. We’re talking real rewards – like free flight tickets kind of rewards!

No, we aren’t playing with your fragile heart. All we’re saying is that you need to be smart about your everyday spends and you could be taking a free flight to just about anywhere. How? Say hello to JPMiles!

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With JetPrivilege you can earn JPMiles on your daily spends almost every time you swipe any of the Jet Airways / JetPrivilege co-brand cards. And you don’t even have to overthink it. Just carry on with your daily life from movies to spas to dining to groceries – you never stop collecting JPMiles. So the next time you go shopping, dining out, partying with friends or book a cab, just remember you’re actually collecting JPMiles and getting closer to your free flight every time!


It’s just as simple to redeem those JPMiles. If a free flight ticket is not something that excites you (whaaaaat?!), just browse through the 1000+ products at the JetPrivilege Reward Store and get a reward that matters to you.

How Do I Select The Card With The Maximum Rewards?

With any of the Jet Airways / JetPrivilege co-brand cards, all your spends on the ground can convert to free flights to your favourite holiday spot. Click here to know more about these cards.

JetPrivilege has a range of credit cards to choose from and it’s pretty simple to get a card that suits your travel and lifestyle needs and get the maximum returns from it! You can choose from 15 cards across 4 banks.

They have a free flight calculator that is as simple as it sounds. We tried it and were pretty happy with what we saw. Say you spend just Rs 10,000 a month, the calculator on will pick out a card that gets you the maximum free flights and basis the card you choose they also come along with other benefits like priority check in  lounge access, additional baggage allowance, and faster tier upgrades – that best suit your spending habits and lifestyle choices.

How do you know if you’ve picked the right card? Here’s a simple tip. If your rewards exceed your payments, then you know you’ve hit a jackpot. A good time to hit is now. In fact, if you apply for a Jet Airways IndusInd Bank Voyage Credit Card, you’ll you’ll enjoy fee waiver and earn 1000 JPMiles on your 1st transaction and an additional 1,500 Bonus JPMiles if you apply through

Curly Tales Tip: There are loads of cards to choose from but these credit cards are the fastest way to collect JPMiles and get free flight tickets!

If you’re not a member, you can just enroll here. You’d still be shopping for your daily needs – only this time you’ll also be earning JPMiles and thus getting yourself a free ticket.

Talk about a rewarding experience!

To get yourself a Jet Airways / JetPrivilege co-brand card, click here.

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