Get Rs 5 Each Time You Crush A Plastic Bottle In Gujarat

by Kritika Kukreja
Get Rs 5 Each Time You Crush A Plastic Bottle In Gujarat

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The Indian Railways is promoting sanitation as they are offering a ₹5 cashback for anyone who crushes plastic bottles at Vadodara station. 

What Is It?

As a new initiative to reduce plastic waste in Gujarat, Indian Railways have installed a plastic bottle crushing machine at Vadodara Station. Now one can get a ₹5 cashback in their e-wallet for every time they crush a bottle and dump it in the disposal machine. 

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What Else?

Vadodara has also opened up its railway station to hold parties and gatherings for the general public. Now you can party at a railway station after Vadodara opens its empty platforms for your celebrations! Any kind of wedding, birthday parties, live show, performances, exhibitions or even corporate gatheringscan be arranged at the Vadodara’s railway stations. Now you can call your gathering at Makarpura, Vishvamitri or Bajva, as they run empty for hours at a time. This new rule was passed in order to generate revenue for the maintenance of the station. But what about safety concerns? According to the rules, the platforms that stay empty for at least 3 hours will be lent to the public for arranging their parties.

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