Get All Things Fusion & Funky At Hitchki At BKC In Mumbai

by Kritika Kukreja
Get All Things Fusion & Funky At Hitchki At BKC In Mumbai

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After being a hit in Powai, Hitchki launches in BKC with quirky fusion and fun times for you.

What Is It?

Now you can get things fun, fusion and quirky at Hitchki’s newest destination that is in BKC. Hitchki has launched in BKC after being a grand success in Powai. Hitchki at BKC in Mumbai serves Naan with Chinese, Italian & Tandoor. 

naan achi taang

We loved the Kadai Paneer Lasagna (₹290) which is Paneer Tikka Sheets, Kadai Sabzi Ratatouille served with Cheese Garlic Naan.

We also tried Indi Chini Bhai Bhai (₹270). It was Manchurian in Ginger Garlic Soy served with Butter Naan.

Don’t underestimate the Amar Akhbar Anthony (₹270). These are 3 mini burgers served with Hitchki’s stamp (and totally delish too!).


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Among the drinks, try the Balam Pichkari (₹365). It is a delicious Rasgulla soaked in a shot of Baileys. Now who wouldn’t want to try such innovative cocktails? If you’re yet not satisfied, don’t miss out on the Boondi Mojito (₹265) ‘cause Boondi Raita is so old school!

You could go for a unique preparation of the LIIT with the fun and funky Bubble LIIT (₹1595). It has Tequila + Gin + White Rum + Vodka + Mango & Pineapple Juice + Jalapeno + Bubble.

End the quirky meal with Baratiyon Ka Swagat (₹200)Pan Pasand, Candy Floss & Dutch Truffle come together for the best celebration. 

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