Global Warming: 5 Indian Cities At Highest Risk Of Natural Disasters

by Shreya Ghosh
Global Warming: 5 Indian Cities At Highest Risk Of Natural Disasters

Extreme heatwaves, sudden rainfall, drought, cloudbursts, unexpected storms, landslides, and many such natural disasters are quite common over the past few years in India. These changes are the clear indications of global warming and how we are continuing to destroy nature. Comparing India with the rest of the world, 13 of the 20 most disaster-vulnerable cities are actually India. With the rising population and our reluctance, many parts of India are facing natural disasters frequently. These 5 Indian cities are facing the most threats of natural disasters.

1. Odisha

In recent years, we are often seeing how Odisha is dealing with natural disasters mostly every year. Cyclones, unimaginable rainfall, and storms are destroying the state and these natural disasters are nothing but answers to global warming. Cyclone Fani and Cyclone Asani are the most recent ones and they destroyed various parts o the state badly.

natural disasters

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2. Chennai

Chennai is one Indian state among 13 of the world’s 20 cities prone to environmental hazards. The city is extremely vulnerable to climate change and its consequences. According to Verisk Maplecroft, this city is currently sitting at the 7th rank on the global index of 576 cities.

3. Delhi

Delhi also added Chennai to the list of the global index of 576 cities of the business risk analyst Verisk Maplecroft. The capital is in the second position on the list and is at a huge risk of climate change and natural disasters. We are all aware of how the city has the worst air quality. And this horrible air pollution is a massive threat or the Delhites, nearby places, and of course nature.

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4. West Bengal

According to the National Disaster Risk Index, West Bengal is very much prone to natural disasters. The state faced floods and cyclones quite a few times in the past. The recent cyclone in the state was Cyclone Asani. Though it didn’t do much harm like the previous hazardous Cyclone Fani and Cyclone Aila.

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5. Assam

Assam is one of the top 10 Indian states that are massively vulnerable and have the greatest risk of natural disasters. It has been only some days since Assam faced terrible floods all around. Across 22 districts, over 7 lakh people got affected due to the flood. The landslides and floods even took people’s lives. The situation of the state was very disappointing and badly affected.