Go Beyond Instant Korean Ramen And Indulge in Authentic Korean Cuisine At This Mumbai Restaurant!

by Mallika Khurana
Go Beyond Instant Korean Ramen And Indulge in Authentic Korean Cuisine At This Mumbai Restaurant!

There was a lot we all went through during the pandemic. While there was fear-inducing in every household, there was also a trend to make Pani puris at home. There also came a period when everyone was watching Money Heist. However, no craze was as intense as the craze of everything Korean. From dancing to BTS masterpieces to binge-watching Crash Landing On You, everyone was hooked and fascinated with Korean dramas, music, and most of all, their food. The Korean fried chicken took everyone by storm and everyone wanted to try that Ramyun their favourite characters were having all the time on their favourite shows.

Get Your Korean Dreams Fulfilled By Seoul Express

So what was next? The introduction of this iconic Korean Kitchen wanted to make dreams true and make everyone try authentic Korean food. And believe us on this, Seoul Express did it and did it right. You’ll be whisked away to Seoul by the delectable foods prepared by the three sisters Afra, Zeba, and Qaailah in this virtual kitchen.

From Korean Fried Chicken to vegetarian Korean temple food, the menu has something for everyone. Dak Gangjeong, a crunchy, crispy fried chicken dish coated in a sticky, sweet and sour sauce steals the stage. Another appealing choice is Gamja Jorim, which is garlic chilli oil noodles. Don’t forget to order the excellent Bibim Guksu, a meal of savoury noodles. The mushroom-filled sour and spicy kimchi soup, the dish of braised potatoes called Gamja Jorim, or the hot garlic French fries are all options for vegetarians. Better yet, just place an order with Seoul Express for all three.

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Seoul Express Is The Answer To Your Korean Food Cravings

Are you drooling already? We feel you! Now that you know how to satiate your cravings for authentic Korean cuisine, wait no more and order all that you can from Seoul Express!

To place an order, drop them a text on Instagram.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Seoul Express