Go Checkout These Extraordinary Cars At Sudha Cars Museum In Hyderabad

by Tushal Kukreja
Go Checkout These Extraordinary Cars At Sudha Cars Museum In Hyderabad

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Sudha Cars Museum is a one of its kind museum that showcases an elaborate range of vintage and whacky cars drawing inspiration from daily objects  .

What Is It?

Sudha Cars Museum established by K Sudhakar, is a Guinness World Record breaker, for creating a 41 feet and seven inches tall tricycle and apparently the largest bicycle in the world. The cars at the museum are of every possible shape and size, ranging from cars made in the shape of handbags to cars shaped like a huge helmet. The museum has cars which are made out of old and unwanted pieces, attracting viewers. Here you will find mainly three kinds of vehicles that have been showcased such as creative cars, commercial cars and bikes.

Never in our wildest dreams would we have ever thought a car shaped in the form of a burger, sofa, cigarettes or for that matter even high heels! Imagine going out to get burgers in a car shaped like a burger, wouldn’t that be crazy?

So, head to the Sudha Cars Museum this weekend at a entry fee of just ₹50 for adults and ₹15 for children.

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Address: D No 19-5-10/3/A, Beside Zoo Park X Roads, Bahadurpura, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500064, India

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