Go For Some Ghost Busting With Bengaluru’s Team Pentacle

by Tushal Kukreja
Go For Some Ghost Busting With Bengaluru’s Team Pentacle

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Bengaluru’s Team Pentacle provides you with a once in a lifetime ghost busting adventure and it’s an incredible experience.

What Is It?

Team Pentacle is a multifaceted venture of tenacious and zealous intellects striving to comprehend the paranormal, otherworldly, mysterious and UFO related phenomenon. Team Pentacle, paranormal specialists, was begun by a committed group of 35 Bangaloreans, the same association began by ex-crime journalist Shishir Kumar after his enthusiasm in life past death started. Established in 2013, Team Pentacle is partnered with Kannada TV Channel 9, which helps them in tracking such strange paranormal activities.
What Else?

After receiving tips for paranormal activities, a thorough pre-investigation is directed to remove false cases, the historical backdrop of that properties s surveyed and then comes the ghost detecting equipments — from K2 meters that identify electromagnetic fields, to EVP (electro-voice marvel) that get on sounds that the human ear can’t, to infra-red thermometers to detect radical moves in temperature.

Team Pentacle works only on the weekends and has monthly meets ups, if you are looking for some adventure.


Contact No: +919065677170
Email: shishir@teampentacle.com
Facebook: Team Pentacle