Grab The Most Affordable Shawarma At This Point In Deira Dubai For Just AED 4

by Deeplata Garde
Grab The Most Affordable Shawarma At This Point In Deira Dubai For Just AED 4

Over time, modest shawarma has experienced tremendous growth in popularity. There is a shawarma version of practically anything the culinary world deems popular, be it bowls or wraps to burritos. Nearly every corner is home to a shawarma business serving up a unique variation on the traditional dish. You can’t afford to miss this place if you have a craving for shawarma that rivals all others. So grab shawarma before the offer ends.

Aros Al Sham Offers Shawarma For Just AED 4

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Shawarma Lovers Assemble! If you are anywhere near Deira on a hunt for Shawarma, look no further than this eatery. Aros Al Sham is providing the best Shawarma rich in flavours and light on the pocket. Their shawarma will make you come back around the corner. Apart from Lebanese dish, Aros Al Sham provide hot and cold beverages.

Due to its affordability and taste, this spot is growing famous among Shawarma aficionados in UAE. The place might be having opposite facade from the opulent city, but the taste will get you tangled for sure.

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Grab A Shawarma At These Affordable Spots In Deira, Dubai

Al Forat, Aroos Damascus, Laffah and Shiraz Nights are the best place to satisfy your Shawarma cravings in Deira District.

The finely sliced chicken gets slathered with a delicious sauce that is fiery yet sweet and peppery yet fragrant. Delicately folded between thin bread, and finished with a hot press for a crisp finish this dish is irresistible.

Where: Aros Al Sham Restaurant, Al Muteena, Dubai
When: 10 am 3am Everyday
Price: AED 120 for two people

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