Go Jockey Woman – Because Every Body Is Different

by Natasha Monteiro
Go Jockey Woman – Because Every Body Is Different

What is normal? What is unique? What is acceptance? What is beautiful?

There are a lot of what’s but we are not bound to answer all of them. Women and their bodies do not have to answer a ‘what’.  They have to just be. They do not have to fit into a category. The compartmentalization of how we perceive things and how we perceive women is now fading. But how many of us get that? We’re still a handful when it comes to accepting ourselves the way we are sculpted. Each with a strong heart, a beautiful body, a different skin and each with a different taste.

We’re not designed to look the same and neither are we designed to look like a perfect 10 model. So why should our lingerie befit that expectation? Jockey Woman knows this, she understands this and now she is trying to pull us out of that abstraction.

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Jockey Woman Knows. She Knows You.

Jockey Woman knows that women aren’t a drop in the ocean, but each one exudes a beautiful rainbow. She knows you are unique. She knows your comfort. She knows your style. She knows what you feel the most confident in. She knows sexy and she knows functional. Jockey Woman knows you.

It’s her knowledge of you and every other woman that has allowed her to create a range that’s not just sizes and colors, but is infact a supportive layer on your skin, that makes you feel good, feel free, feel sensual. She understands that your lingerie is not just an accessory but a representation of who you are.

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Jockey woman knows what you need, she knows how every texture feels on your skin, she knows it’s more than size and shape, she knows each curve, she knows every edge, she know it’s all beautiful. She knows you.

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