Go On More Vacations To Increase Your Productivity – It’s What The Europeans Do

by Madhusree Chatragadda
Go On More Vacations To Increase Your Productivity – It’s What The Europeans Do

Vacations and leaves are a much-avoided concept at the workplace where only daily basis output and productivity are counted as viable. So paid leaves is often out of the question. But what if we tell you the way to make yourself more productive is by taking more vacations? It’s not us but the Europeans who are saying it! They are known to take many vacations in a year, always exploring new places and countries. How do they do it? Learn here.


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The European Way
Many countries in Europe almost shut down during the summers especially when everyone and we mean everyone, has gone off to travel! For example, construction employees in the Netherlands take weeks long vacation. While in Norway, businessmen take several weeks off leaving business shut for that duration.


The US
This style of long leaves is very unheard of in the USA on the other hand where there is no paid leaves structure. But many studies and data is thwarting this lack of understating when it comes to paid leaves as one such data showed how persons taking 10 or fewer days of leave in a year were stagnant in their positions whereas those who took longer vacations, moved up the ladder.

Right to disconnect

“The productivity, creativity, bringing new ideas forward isn’t the person who’s working crazy hours,” said Kate Dennis, a research Project Head called Time Off. “It’s someone who’s getting outside of their day-to-day.”


Did you know the idea for your favourite app, Instagram, came up on a holiday? Yes, it did! And that’s exactly what Dennis means. Other benefits of longer vacations include better mental health, low-stress levels and increased productivity.

couple holiday

How are things in your office like? Inspired to make some changes? At the end of the day, it’s all about pushing out better work and having fun with it too! So ready to travel?

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