Go Wanderlusting With These 5 Travel Shows

by Nainisha Mehta
Go Wanderlusting With These 5 Travel Shows
Your #goals, travel bucket lists, woke up to this and vacay plans may not see the light of day immediately. But that should not stop you from dreaming all things travel. We are blessed with our laptop screens and for those who can’t step out right now, virtual tours can be your best bet. Here are 5 shows that’ll definitely ignite the travel spark while giving you the experience of it too.

1. Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations

American Chef and traveller, Anthony Bourdain is doing what he does best – travel, eat and tell us all about it. Curious about the food and cultures of different countries? This show should be on your binge list. From Cambodia, Ukraine, Japan to Brooklyn, Rio and Croatia – No Reservations is a culinary journey with a lot of insight on the people and their lifestyle. No places to visit or picturesque views, Anthony Bourdain’s unique style gives you an authentic experience of the world. The narrative involves the locals, Anthony’s questions for them and the perspectives gained. Together it elevates your travel lusts.
Anthony Bourdain
Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations

2. Departures

Want to be a vagabond and back-pack from country to country? Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach should be your inspiration. Two high-school friends decide to leave everything behind and go travel the world for a year. Departures is not a show about travel tips, fancy hotels or tourist attractions. Scott and Justin plan their travels through a network of friends in different countries. All the episodes are not just one destination to next, rather each has a story and a local who makes them experience the best of their country. Their cinematographer Andre Dupuis does a brilliant job at capturing beautiful places like Antarctica, Chile, New Zealand, Madagascar, Russia, Papa New Guinea and more! Also, besides the travels, you are exposed to the hard-facts too. Leaving behind your partner, sickness in the family, job issues – the struggles of travelling all year round are narrated through the hosts’ personal experiences.
Go backpacking with Scott Wilson and Justin in Departures. Source: thebakcpackblues

3. Tales By Light 

 The most aesthetically pleasing show you could find, Tales By Light documents six photographers and their creative process. Stunning imagery and the ability to turn photography into art, the show is a gospel for photographers and cinematographers. Though not technical in narrative, it dives into what goes on in the minds of these talented photographers before they take the perfect shot. For those who don’t need a lesson in art, this show will take you on a world tour. The photographers picked from different fields including adventure, nature, wildlife and people, capture subjects that are not just marvellous but give a different perspective on viewing the world. Not a conventional travel show, but you get to see the world through their eyes which makes it even more poetic. You get to see the world in 4k.
Tales By Light
Tales By Light. Source: Canon Australia

4. The Great Escape

Kunal Kapoor and Cyrus Sahukar’s road trip across North India is high on adventure, fun and pristine views. Childhood friends Kunal and Cyruse the Himalayas and uncover some mysteries. Their friendship and Cyrus’ comic timing make for great dialogue. You get to discover Spiti, Rampur, Rakcham Valley and many more unknown parts of the mighty mountains. A roller-coaster of a road-trip, this season will give you all the deets on what you can do once you decide to answer the mountain’s calling. Their adventure-fueled activities like paragliding and kayaking, time spent with locals learning about their food and culture and unexpected acquaintances with local musicians – together make a package for a vacation you’ve been longing to have.
The Great Escape
Kunal Kapoor and Cyrus Sahukar go road tripping in The Great Escape. Source: travelandleisureindia.com

5. Luxury Travel Show 

If you’re about the finer things in life, this show is for you. Th show gives you a peep into the most extravagant and lavish destinations you can think of from Barbados to Barcelona. Private villas, luxury resorts, five-star hotels to gourmet food – the show is everything glamorous. If your pockets allow, you’ll get plenty of ideas on where you should be holidaying next and where you should be staying.
Luxury Travel Show
Luxurious Villas and Stays on Luxury Travel Show

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