Goa Beaches Will Soon Have Special Zones For Drinking Alcohol

by Sanjana Shenoy
Goa Beaches Will Soon Have Special Zones For Drinking Alcohol

You’d all agree with me that Goa is the ultimate paradise for holidaying. Sip on a bottle of refreshing King’s beer and plop yourself on the white sand of a clear blue beach, feel the sunshine, the salty breeze and that’s no doubt the ultimate heaven. Well, your dreams of drinking on the beaches of Goa were put on hold as it was banned for more than a year. But not any more! Goa’s Tourism Minister, Manohar Ajgaonkar announced that Goa’s beaches will soon have special zones for drinking alcohol. So you can drink while on a picnic or just casual drinking with your gang in the special zones on the beaches of Goa.

What’s In It?

Manohar Ajgaonkar, the Tourism Minister of Goa stated in a press conference that, while implementing the earlier ban on drinking on the beaches,  authorities also wanted to create a special zone for picnics. Local groups wanted to have picnics on the beaches which prodded officials to keep designated spots along the beachside for this purpose. Popular beaches in Goa will have one or two special zones where people picnic and drink. But those who drink outside the special zones on beaches will be fined ₹5000.

Picture Credits: glaws.in

The Tourism Minister also revealed that police head constables, wardens and supervisors will be given powers to fine people for consuming alcohol outside the designated special zones on beaches. This decision comes in light of January 2019 when the cabinet in Goa passed a law banning the consumption of alcohol in public spaces and assured a crackdown of drinking alcohol on beaches and other tourist sites in the state, which is frequented by 8 million tourists every year.

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What’s More?

Apart from creating special drinking zones on beaches of Goa, Ajgaonkar also revealed that a special app would be developed to capture and record photographs of violators of public conduct laws and littering on Goa’s beaches. These photos would be uploaded, following which strict action would be taken against them for violating the law. This step is taken to stop public menace from alcohol consumption. He also stated that special impetus is being given to clear the state’s beaches from hawkers and beggars. Did you know Liquor In Goa To Get Costlier From April Due To Rise In Excise Duty?


Since Goa is a popular tourist destination, witnessing around 8 million tourists a year, authorities want to make sure that travellers are safe and are not harassed by beggars or hawkers. So they will make sure the beaches are clean, clear and peaceful for everyone. So in the coming few weeks, you can perch yourself in the special zone and enjoy your favourite alcohol on the beaches of Goa. Here are 4 Unexplored Beaches In South Goa