Goa To Photograph & Fine Tourists Roaming Around Without Masks

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 626

As the travel and hospitality industry slowly inches towards returning to normalcy, Goa has been welcoming alot of domestic tourists. From travellers flying in private jets to Goa to people going on road trips to relax at the beach destination, Goa tourism heads for a bright future. Infact, domestic air passenger traffic to Goa is already 75% of last year. While the state returns to normalcy, tourists flouting COVID-19 safety protocols continue to be a cause of concern. Goa recently doubled the fine for not wearing masks to ₹200. And now, police will fine and photograph tourists for roaming around the street of Goa without masks. Read on to know more.

Tourists In Goa Not Wearing Masks To Get Fined & Photographed

Accoridng to News18, Panaji Mayor Uday Madkaikar stated on November 30, that tourists who refuse to wear face masks will be photographed and fined. Madkaikar stated that the government took this decision to crack the whip on abusive tourists who refuse to comply with rules. He recollected incidents where tourists visiting the iconic Immaculate Conception Church in Panaji became abusive with the Panaji Municipal Corporation officials.

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Goa Government Takes This Decision After Facing Abusive Tourists Violating COVID-19 Rules

Panaji Mayor Uday Madkaikar informed to News18 “In view of these unnecessary tussles, police will now accompany our municipality officials during drives to enforce the use of face masks in public. Photos of tourists who do not follow the rule will also be taken before they are directed to pay fines. We do not want to harass people, but some tourists create a ruckus during our enforcement drives. This is a pan-India SOP. People should visit Goa, but they should not take the state’s people for granted. The objective of wearing masks is to keep everyone safe from coronavirus.

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Over the past few months, Goa witnessed a steady rise in tourists after the reopening of state borders. But unfortunately, this resulted in large crowds at beaches and tourist spots near casino hubs in Goa. So, tourists visiting Goa must wear masks, use hand sanitiser,  maintain social distancing and comply with COVID-19 regulations. Our Chief Editor, Kamiya Jani visited Goa post lockdown, here’s how here experience went while taking all the necessary precautions. 

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