Goa Tourism Minister: Only ‘Richest’ Tourists Who Do Not Litter The Destination Should Visit Goa

by Tania Tarafdar
Goa Tourism Minister: Only ‘Richest’ Tourists Who Do Not Litter The Destination Should Visit Goa

Goa is everyone’s favourite holiday destination and naturally, the state is already witnessing an influx of tourists during the festive season. Goa beaches, restaurants, and pubs are already jam-packed bringing relief to the business tourism stakeholders who are reeling under the impact of COVID-19. However, tourism minister Manohar Ajgaonkar stirred a controversy with his statement. He said that only the richest tourists should visit Goa.

Don’t Want Tourists Who Do Drugs Or Cook Inside A Bus: Tourism Minister

According to reports, he was quoted saying, “We don’t want tourists who consume drugs. We don’t want tourists who come to Goa and cook food inside a bus. We want the richest tourists. We welcome all tourists but they should enjoy themselves while respecting Goa’s culture.” Sure the Goan administration has been trying to check unruly behavior for years and has even passed laws to ban drinking and cooking in public, no one has ever tried to profile tourists basis their net worth. Goa Bans Tourists Consuming Drugs & Cooking In Public As Part Of New Tourism Policy.

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Money Cannot Be A Measure Of Manners Or Consciousness

Goa’s Tourism Minister’s choice of words has hurt many sentiments. The fact that people of all backgrounds, gender, and social standards can come together and party in Goa makes the destination special. Rich or poor, Goa promises an excellent time for everyone. Tourists who do not abide by the laws can be termed as bad tourists irrespective of their net worth. Surely, money cannot be a measure of consciousness and manners.

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Don’t the richest tourists do drugs or litter? Twitter is irked with the Goan minister’s statement. Goa’s economy and local business are running on tourism so the statement is purely insensitive.