Goodbye, Intersect By Lexus! The Popular DIFC Restaurant To Close This July After 8 Years

by Anupriya Mishra
Goodbye, Intersect By Lexus! The Popular DIFC Restaurant To Close This July After 8 Years

Asian cuisine is loved by many people around the world and residents of Dubai are no different. One such restaurant that is famous for bringing a Japanese fusion fine dining experience to the emirate is Intersect By Lexus. However, you might want to dine here again ASAP as the restaurant is ready to bid adieu after being open for eight years, this July.

Intersect By Lexus – Dubai Closing This July?

Intersect By Lexus is an elegant fine dining restaurant located in Dubai’s bustling Dubai International Financial Centre. Ever since its opening in December 2015, this restaurant has been a go-to place for many people looking to indulge in a Japanese fusion dining experience. However, it’s now closing after serving customers for eight successful years. Yes, the restaurant is slated to close its doors on July 31, which is on Monday. For those who aren’t aware, this bespoke restaurant had been designed in such a way that it established the perfect environment for inspiration and collaboration. As a result, it created a haven for people who wanted an enriching hospitality experience.

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A Brief Glimpse Into The Restaurant

In case you still have no idea, the restaurant itself has been stylishly designed that perfectly keeps up with the neighbourhood of DIFC. Patrons who enjoy Asian fusion cuisine often throng to this place for a memorable dining experience. Coming to its menu, this renowned restaurant is known for offering some absolutely mouth-watering dishes. These include Yogan Maki Sushi, Baby Kale Salad, Wagyu Rib Eye Sweet Potato Gnocchi, and Tuna Carpaccio. For desserts, they have an equally tempting array of offerings, comprising decadent options, such as Macha Tiramisu and Japanese Cheesecake. Doesn’t it all sound like the recipe for the perfect meal with your loved ones?

So, if this restaurant had always been on your radar to visit, or if you love indulging in the dining experience here, then now is your chance to check it out again before it closes its doors. Don’t forget to click some pictures for the sake of good times!

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