Google’s New Robots Can Serve Sodas And Chips To Employees

by Sanmita A
Google’s New Robots Can Serve Sodas And Chips To Employees

Now, Google employees can soon get robots to get chips and soda from their breakrooms. These robots, with the help of artificial intelligence are just like the robots that perform chores too. Although, these Google’s robot’s are not for sale, but the company has started to assort the physical functions of robots along with the virtual chatbox capabilities for them to do the specific actions. Google’s robots perform a few actions only and don’t have Google’s signature features yet.

Google Creates Robots To Wait For Employees

We’re guessing gone are the days when we needed human waiters. But Google has gone a notch higher and incorporated robot waiters in their officers which would get its employees chips and soda from the breakroom. The ‘Ok Google’ feature has not been incorporated in the robots yet. In a media report, Google also told that they are forming these robots with a sense of responsibility. This is being done to avoid the robots turn into surveillance machines or answer back foully. There have been instances when robots had given offensive responses to certain conversations and situations.

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Robots Developed To Grab Snacks

The Indian Express reports that the robots development will be limited to help employees to grab their snack only. It is being developed by a subsidiary. Everyday Robots. As per reports, they are incorporating a sophisticated AI language into the robots’ systems to understand and respond to the commands efficiently. Apart from the above, getting robots to serve instead of actual humans is a trending practice now. And from what it seems, it is what restaurants and companies are trying to achieve.

With the coming of high end technology, do waiter robots stand a chance against the work of humans? Only time will then! Till then, read this recent development about India Railways – Indian Railways Permits Local Vendors To Sell Handicrafts & Food Products On Trains


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