Jaipur Street Vendor Prepares Mirinda Pan Puri; Internet Furious With This Creation

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 472

In the world of food trends, no dish is spared. The humble idli got a black detox spin, samosas were stuffed with strawberry jam and pizzas were topped with marijuana leaves. So, pani puri also underwent a makeover. A street food vendor from Jaipur prepared Mirinda gol gappas. A viral video posted by @chatore_broothers shows a street food vendor shaking a bottle of Mirinda and then pouring the cold drink in a large vessel, and then dunking the aloo stuffed puris in it. The internet is furious with this creation, with many netizens commenting that the street food vendor has ruined pani puri.


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Gorge On Spicy Pani Puri Prepared With Chopped Green Chillies

In a viral video posted by food blogger @pizzapyaarhai on Instagram, a street vendor can be seen preparing a super fiery pani puri. The street food vendor first chops green chillies into fine slices. Next, he takes a handful of the finely chopped green chillies and adds it to the spicy pani. If that isn’t enough, he goes on to season the spicy water with masala. Then, he pours the spicy pani into the gol gappa. The video shows him garnishing the pani puri with cheese, diced onions, pomegranate and sev. Voila! The spicy pani puri is ready!

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Netizens Shocked By Spice Levels Of Pani Puri

Well, if you want to know how spicy this pani puri really was, you’ve got to see the Instagram vlogger’s reaction after eating it. Sweating and gasping, she’s seen having a tough time digesting this spicy snack. In the caption, she mentions not recommending this to anyone. The video went viral garnering over 1.7 million views and 94k likes. The green chilly gol gappa amused netizens. Many wondered how she managed to eat this. Others commented on giving up the challenge after just watching this video. Meanwhile, watch this video to identify what type of a pani puri eater are you? 

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