Grab Free International Return Tickets From Sydney As Jetstar Launches 48-Hour Offers

by Sanmita A
Grab Free International Return Tickets From Sydney As Jetstar Launches 48-Hour Offers

It is time for you to plan a lovely holiday, as Jetstar is giving away free international return tickets. Jetstar is a private commercial airline company that operates out of Australia. All you have to do is grab these free international return tickets from the website. As per reports, all the tickets are free and available for 48 hours straight. Read on to know more about this EPIC deal by Jetstar.

Jetstar Launches Steal Deals For Travellers

JetstarJetstar is allowing travellers to grab free tickets if they’re in Sydney or Australia. These free ticket offers will be available on the Jetstar website till October 28, 2022. The deals will allow you to fly out of Sydney for a certain amount; however, you will have to pay absolutely nothing to return to the city. Jetstar’s destinations for claiming free return tickets are Hawaii, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and New Zealand. People who wish to make trips within Australia too can do so by booking tickets to Darwin, Perth, Melbourne and the Gold Coast.

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Here’s How You Can Book The Flights

Jetstar has definitely grabbed all the attention with such a lucrative deal. The sale begins at midnight on October 26, 2022, and will continue till October 28 at midnight. Well, during this time, travellers who wish to fly to the mentioned destinations can book these tickets. You should get going, as the tickets will only be available for a limited time. Notably, this deal is available for selected flights only. The website also mentions that you must choose the locations that mention Free Return Fares available. And these flights will be accessible during the mentioned time periods only.

To check out this insane deal, head to the Jetstar website here.

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