Grammy Winner Ricky Kej Slams Trevor Noah, Says He’s Biased Against India”; Bangaloreans Defend Bangalore Venue

by Sanjana Shenoy
Grammy Winner Ricky Kej Slams Trevor Noah, Says He’s Biased Against India”; Bangaloreans Defend Bangalore Venue

With comedian Trevor Noah unceremoniously cancelling both his standup shows in Bangalore due to technical glitches, a debate has ignited on social media about the artist’s responsibility and the event management in the city. While Trevor Noah took to X (formerly Twitter) to promise Bangaloreans “the best show ever”, next time, three-time Grammy winner and Bangalorean Ricky Kej didn’t mince his words to slam the comedian. Bangaloreans also defended the city and its venue.

Ricky Kej Blasts Trevor Noah For Not Conducting Soundchecks At Bangalore Venue

South African comic Trevor Noah’s show was supposed to happen in Bangalore at Manpho Conventional Centre in Manyata Tech Park on September 27. However, he cancelled both the shows in the city due to sound issues. Grammy award-winning musician Ricky Kej took to X to hold Trevor Noah responsible for not conducting a soundcheck beforehand. He called him “irresponsible”.

In an elaborate post on X, Ricky Kej gave examples of renowned artists like Pink Floyd, Bryan Adams, Russel Peters, Beyonce, Deep Purple and others who conducted successful shows in the Karnataka capital. In fact, as per Bangalorean Ricky Kej even the world-renowned composer and pianist Yanni performed in the same Bangalore venue as Trevor Noah in 2014.

The Grammy winner is infuriated with Trevor Noah’s rant about Bangalore at his Mumbai event. In another post, Kej said that Trevor implied the audience seated in the front row were classist. This is because they didn’t understand that the ones behind couldn’t hear a thing. He says that this happens as people seated within the “optimum range of the sound system” find if difficult to believe that the ones at the back can’t hear what’s going on. Ricky Kej went on to add that Trevor Noah seems to have a general bias against India.

Bangaloreans Took To X To Defend The City

Bangaloreans immediately took to the comments section of the Grammy winner’s post to defend Bangalore as a viable venue. Many even agreed with the musician’s statement about Trevor Noah’s bias towards India. @thepraneetc23 comments “Bro hes not doing a Shadi ka function. I don’t know a single Indian comic too including the big names who go early to the venue to do “soundcheck”. Noah really just exposed what’s the normal fly by night operator nature of events industry in India.”

@arch_deville quips, “Well said @rickykej. I too am of the same view as to how did his team not bother to check out everything a day prior. @Trevornoah perhaps an explanation from your team? And Yanni performing at the same venue ! This is news.

Meanwhile, if you’re a Bangalorean left disappointed due to the cancelled Trevor Noah shows in the city, do let us know your experience.

Cover Image Courtesy: @Trevornoah/ X (formerly Twitter)