Greece: Free Week-Long Holiday In 2024 Offered To Tourists Who Fled Rhodes Fires

by Shreya Shriyan
Greece: Free Week-Long Holiday In 2024 Offered To Tourists Who Fled Rhodes Fires

In Rhode Island, Greece, wildfires are an alarming and recurrent activity that poses a significant threat to the region’s landscapes, communities and tourism. These fierce and uncontrolled blazes disrupted a lot of tourists’ plans who were on the island vacationing. So, to make it up to them, Greece is offering THIS special deal in 2024, to tourists whose vacation was cut short by wildfires.

Greece Gives Free Week-Long Holiday To Tourists Who Fled Wildfires

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On August 2 2023, Greece announced that it will provide tourists, whose vacations were disrupted by the July wildfires on Rhodes, with a complimentary one-week stay on the island in 2024. 

The wildfires burned for several days, causing damage to homes and hotels, and leading to the evacuation of thousands of people, reported Hindustan Times.

On July 18, the blaze erupted in central Rhodes and strong winds pushed the flames, causing them to spread to the eastern and southern coast. The coasts are home to numerous beach resorts. Greece conducted the largest evacuation ever undertaken in the history of the country.

Over 20,000 tourists and locals were compelled to evacuate their homes and seaside hotels. On August 2, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis informed Britain’s ITV that the wildfire impacted 15% of Rhodes. But he assured that the situation is now “back to normal.”, reported Hindustan Times.

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What Has Been Happening On The Island So Far?

However, reports also stated that the authorities acknowledge that the incident caused inconvenience for visitors. Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis announced that the government, in collaboration with local authorities, will provide a free one-week holiday on Rhodes next spring or fall.

The aim is to ensure they return to the island and relish its natural beauty, stated the report. In July, Greece experienced devastating wildfires that wreaked havoc on the picturesque island of Rhodes. 

Strong winds fueled the blaze, causing it to break out in central Rhodes and rapidly spread the flames to the eastern and southern coast, encompassing numerous beach resorts. This catastrophe forced over 20,000 tourists and locals to evacuate their homes and seaside hotels. 

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Wildfires are devastating and uncontrollable natural disasters that pose significant threats to ecosystems, wildlife, human lives, and property. Intense heat, flames, and smoke characterize these rapidly spreading infernos.

They are often fueled by dry conditions, strong winds, and human activities. They have the potential to cause massive damage within a short period of time.

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