Gujarat: 10 Die While Playing Garba Within 24 Hrs; Govt Issues Alert To All State-Run Hospitals

by Tooba Shaikh
Gujarat: 10 Die While Playing Garba Within 24 Hrs; Govt Issues Alert To All State-Run Hospitals

Navratri is supposed to be a festival filled with happiness and joy as revellers dance night after night, tiring themselves out in a state of delirious ecstasy. However, this year, this celebration has taken a sour turn in Gujarat. As many as ten people of varying ages and from different parts of Gujarat died while playing garba. All of these deaths occur within 24 hours and have raised alarms with officials as well as commoners.

10 Die While Playing Garba Within 24 Hours In Gujarat

It is especially tragic when an untoward incident occurs in such a situation. According to an article recently published by India Today, as many as ten deaths have occurred within the last 24 hours of people who were playing garba. These people were all of different ages and from different parts of this well-known Indian state. However, they all died of heart attacks.

The youngest person on the list was a boy from Dabhoi in Baroda who was 13 years old. Another boy from Kapadwanj also died and he was just 17 years old. The article also mentioned a young man from Ahmedabad who also died from a heart attack while playing Garba. He was just 24 years old. Many other cases from all over the state have also been reported.

In addition to the 10 deaths, around 108 emergency ambulance services received close to 521 calls for heart-related emergencies. Around 609 calls for breathlessness were also made in the first six days of Navratri. This unfortunate series of events has raised alarms with many people as well as government officials. The cause of such a catastrophe is not known yet, which is scarier.

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Government Issues Alerts To State-Run Hospitals

In order to prepare for any such emergencies in the future, the government of Gujarat has issued alerts to all government hospitals near Garba sites to be on high alert. Event organisers have also been asked to provide all possible assistance in addition to creating corridors for ambulances. Doctors have also been stationed at these venues.

This is being done to provide health assistance as soon as possible and to avoid any more untoward incidents. Event organisers are also being urged to stock enough water at the venues so that revellers have access to hydration facilities and don’t tire themselves out.

Those who are participating in Garba are urged to stay hydrated and to take breaks so that their bodies aren’t worn out. They are also urged to consume nutritious meals before coming to the Garba event.

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What do you think is the reason behind these tragic deaths? Let us know in the comments below.

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