Gujarat’s Pipavav-Surendranagar Track: Goods Trains Pose Risk To Asiatic Lions; 7 Dead In 6 Months

7 Asiatic lions died while crossing railway tracks in just 6 months.

by Shreya Ghosh
Gujarat’s Pipavav-Surendranagar Track: Goods Trains Pose Risk To Asiatic Lions; 7 Dead In 6 Months

India is home to many Asiatic lions living in different parts of the country. The endangered species is facing a major life risk and the current situation is becoming a massive concern as well. But why are they facing life-threatening incidents all of a sudden? Asiatic lions living close to the Savarkundla and Rajula ranges in Gujarat are at risk as many are getting killed in train accidents.

7 Asiatic Lions Died In Just 6 Months

Asiatic Lions
Picture credit- Canva

The Pipavav Port and different parts of India are connected with the  Pipavav-Surendranagar railway track. A huge number of trains running in the Rajula taluka area of Amreli are usually goods trains. A few are even double-stack container trains. Back in the initial years of the 2000s, many Asiatic lions have started living near the Rajula and Savarkundla ranges.

In the past year, some lions have been killed after facing accidents on the railway tracks in this region. According to a report by The Indian Express, seven lions died between July 21, 2023, and January 21, 2024. Seven deaths in half a year on the Pipavav-Surendranagar railway part is indeed concerning, especially considering the endangered wild animals.

The most distressing fact is that the number of deaths in the past 6 months is a lot closer to the number of casualties on the rail track reported in 10 years. According to the information shared by the forest department, nine lions faced terrible life-threatening accidents on railway tracks and died between April 2013 and March 2023. From nine deaths in a decade to seven in just six months is very frightening at the moment and emphasises the importance of the demand for proper observation and supervision.

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Taking Steps Are Important To Control The Scary Incidents

Asiatic Lions
Picture credit- Canva

It is high time for the forest department and officials to initiate proper surveillance to control the casualties on railway tracks. A significant step is that the foresters on the rounds need to be aware and alert of the lions’ whereabouts. Sadly, many foresters often face life-threatening incidents and put their lives at risk in an attempt to save these animals.

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