H-1B Visa: All You Need To Know About Getting The Visa This H-1B Season!

by Shreya Ghosh
H-1B Visa: All You Need To Know About Getting The Visa This H-1B Season!

The H-1B visa is crucial for employers and companies in the United States to hire overseas workers in several specialty occupations temporarily. This is a necessity for entering the country and working there. There are different criteria to be eligible for this visa for the specialty occupations such as showing proof of a bachelor’s degree or some equivalent experiences. This is the peak time in the United States for this visa and everyone is eager to apply for it from different places. If you are wondering whether you can get your hands on this visa, read on for all the details.

Here Are All The Details Of H-1B Visa Petitions:

H-1B Visa
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The annual regular number for this visa is 65,000, according to a report by Economic Times. This number has been set by the US Congress. The petitions for it are only increasing each and every year. Along with the percentage of petitions, the approval rate is seeing a rise as well.

The number of petitions was 3,98,296 in FY21 and it soared to 4,74,301 by 19.1 per cent in FY22. The approval number was 4,07,071 in FY21 and it increased to 4,42,043 in the next fiscal year. The increase in approval rate was 8.6 per cent.

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What Is The Status Of Indian Applicants?

H-1B Visa
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As shared by the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services, the acceptance rate of H-1B applications from India was 72.6 per cent in the last fiscal year, FY22. Here are some in-depth details about these petitions.

  • FY22 witnessed 32 per cent of H-1B visa petitions for initial employment and 68 per cent for continuing employment.
  • The petition approval number for initial employment was 1,32,429 and 3,09,614 for continuing employment.
  • 70.8 per cent of the approved petitions were for men and 29 per cent belong to women applicants.

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  • Your educational degree plays a major role here. 31.7 per cent of people with approved petitions had a bachelor’s degree in FY22.
  • 31.1 per cent had a master’s degree, according to a report by Economic Times.
  • The percentage for Doctorate was 7.6.
  • And 3.1 per cent of people were with a professional degree.
  • 33 years was the median age for approved beneficiaries.

We hope that all your questions and queries regarding the H-1B visa are now sorted!

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