5 Hacks To Get An Early Check-In At Your Hotel

by Vinita Jain
5 Hacks To Get An Early Check-In At Your Hotel

After a long and tiresome journey, when you finally reach our hotel, you just need some rest for a while. Well, your flight may leave early in the morning, but hotel check-in doesn’t take place until late afternoon. In those cases, waiting for the check-in to open is quite troublesome and impractical. So, we got you 5 hacks to get an early check-in at your hotel.

1. Inform The Hotel Beforehand

First and foremost, if you have an idea that you’re going to reach the hotel at an odd time. Call your hotel in advance to avoid waiting in the lobby. Hotels are starting to understand that people are more likely to check into their rooms early.

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2. Store Your Luggage

If you have a meeting lined up or have some quick errands to wrap up, you can always ask the front desk can politely store your luggage for you. It certainly makes things easier if you store your belongings and don’t carry them everywhere. Mostly, they’ll accept your luggage and will keep it safe. And will consider allotting you a room as soon as possible

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3. Go For Day Charges

If your hotel is near the airport, the probability of having the province of day rates is much high. You can ask the front desk to allot you a room and charge accordingly. If they have other vacant rooms they may ask you to explore other room options.

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4. Choose Hotels With 24-Hour Check-In, Check-Out Policy

If you’re aware of the consequences of reaching before the time at any hotel. Then consider staying at hotels that offer 24-hour check-in/check-out options.

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5. Use Hotel Facilities

If none of the above methods are useful, then drop your luggage at the front desk and rest for a while in the lounge area. Most hotels have an exquisite lounge area where you can pass out peacefully. Also, there are other plenty of amenities as well, like using the pool, spa, and restaurant. Hanging out will certainly help you in getting a room early as well.

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