Hanging Restaurant At Biswa Bangla Gate In Kolkata Tried and Tested


Opened to the public earlier this year in February, the hanging restaurant at Biswa Bangla is truly a delightful place to dine at. Adding to the historic architectural structures of the City of Dreams, the Biswa Bangla Gate is a new-age wonder and adds more dynamism to Kolkata. At a height of 180.4 feet above the ground, you get a 360-degree view of Rajarghat from the top. It is popularly known by the locals as the Kolkata Gate and dining at the restaurant is really a unique experience. Situated close to the Kolkata airport, the Biswa Bangla Gate serves as a gateway to the city.

Hanging restaurant at biswa bangla gate

Dining At The Hanging Restaurant

The hanging restaurant which goes by the name of  ‘Cafe Ekante’  comes under the spotlight here at Biswa Bangla because it offers the most gorgeous view to look out at while dining. With sweeping views of Rajarghat, the restaurant offers multiple cuisines. The vibe is quite casual during lunch but turns into a fine-dining restaurant at night with a formal dress code. Since the restaurant has limited capacity, remember to book your tickets prior to coming to the gate. You can do this by booking tickets on their website or by booking via BookMyShow. If you are interested in having a meal here, then you can book tickets for it. The lunch service takes place between 12 pm-3 pm while dinner commences from 7 pm onwards.

Visiting The Gate

We were given 45 minutes to take a stroll along the ring and view the gallery between 4 pm-5 pm. And that is more than enough time to explore the ring. The gallery consists of murals on the walls that have paintings of imminent Bengali personalities. It also showcases Bengali culture in its finest form.  Now, since the ring can only accommodate a certain number of people, the washrooms and the kitchen are located on the ground floor.

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We lunched at Cafe Ekante and were truly spoilt for choice. With so many options in the buffet, we didn’t want to miss out on anything. So, it is no surprise that after our meal we just wanted to go home and nap. One of our favourite things here was the Gondhoraj Lebur Shorbat. Most Bengalis will think of it as the Bengali version of the mojito and we whole-heartedly agree.

Biswa Bangla Sarani, Kolkata, West Bengal
Charges: There are separate charges for dining and visiting
Entry Fee:
Lunch & Dinner (weekdays):
Lunch & Dinner (weekend):
Timings: 12 pm, 4 pm, 5 pm

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