Haramain Train: From Route Makkah to Madinah, All You Need To Know About This Superfast Train

by Deeplata Garde
Haramain Train: From Route Makkah to Madinah, All You Need To Know About This Superfast Train

Umrah in Ramadan carries a high significance in Islam. And therefore we can witness an increased number of pilgrims flocking to Saudi during the holy month to perform Umrah compared to the rest of the year. Although the ministry has urged pilgrims to restrict Umrah during Ramadan to just once, still a large number of visitors are recorded every year. Haramain Train in Saudi helps such pilgrims to travel between Makkah & Madinah. Here’s everything you need to know about this super-fast train.

Haramain Train Ensures Smooth Passage Of Umrah & Haj Pilgrims

Over 100 journeys are made every day during the holy month of Ramadan on the Haramain High-Speed Railway. It mainly runs between Makkah and Madinah. During the busiest time of the year for Umrah, this will ensure a smooth movement of pilgrims and tourists between the two holy cities.

The train aims to satisfy the needs of everyone while providing service to guests of the Two Holy Mosques, modernising the mode of transportation within the Kingdom.

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What’s The Route Of The Train?

The super-fast train starts from Makkah running across Jeddah, King Abdullah International Airport, King Abdullah Economic City and then finally reaching Madinah. The total distance between Makkah & Madinah is 261 km according to their site.

The fares from Makkah to Madinah are 150 SAR for economy class and 315 SAR for Business Class. The ticket price from Makkah starts at 40 SAR for economy class.

5 Fully Equipped Stations

Haramain High-speed Railways have constructed fully equipped stations at the route. All stations are provided with parking facilities, cafeterias, prayer rooms, Shuttle services and rental car services as well.
A walkway connects each stop to the internal train stations that will presumably be constructed in the future. Every station has a Lost & Found centre that will help you out at all times.
HHR staff ensures that convenient travel is provided for all passengers with special needs. Therefore, discounted tickets and additional assistance services are provided throughout all stations.
Wheelchairs are also available, to facilitate their movement around the station until they reach the train.

So if you are planning to take an Umrah trip any sooner, then make sure you book your Haramain train ticket for a safe and fast passage between the two holy mosques.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/HaramainRailway