Here’s Why You Can Perform Umrah Only Once During Ramadan 2023!

by Anupriya Mishra
Here’s Why You Can Perform Umrah Only Once During Ramadan 2023!

Pilgrimages from around the world wish to perform Umrah at least once during the period of Ramadan. While this can be done anytime, it holds a place of utmost importance, especially, during the holy month. And if you have been planning to perform Umrah during Ramadan 2023, the new guidelines will allow you to do so only once. Here’s the reason why!

Umrah During Ramadan Only Once?

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It’s no secret that Muslims from around the globe head over to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah, especially during the month of Ramadan. However, recently the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah issued a new guideline for pilgrims who plan to perform Umrah during the holy month. Yes, according to the new guidelines, the ministry retreated that pilgrims are no longer allowed to perform Umrah more than once during the holy month. According to a news report by the Gulf news, this move has been made to ensure that all pilgrims who want to perform Umrah during the holy month get an opportunity to do so.

Permit Is Important From Nusuk App

Moreover, the news report stated that the ministry has also underlined the importance of obtaining a permit from the Nusuk app to perform Umrah. This also includes adhering to the specified time! However, it’s worth noting that pilgrims can delete that appointment on the app before entering the permitted time and can issue a new permit if they want to change the date. But so far, there is no feature to amend the Umrah date. These Umrah permits are available for Saudi citizens, foreigners with active visas, and residents. As such, people who are interested can obtain these permits through the app, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Play Store. For those who aren’t aware, the aim of this platform is to help all pilgrims manage their Hajj journey. This includes everything from flight bookings to receiving guidance and support throughout their Hajj.

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A Slew Of Changes In Visa Rules

Hajj Ramadan
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Moreover, applicants can also register their companions along with themselves, who will also receive notifications or updates regarding the services on the app. These guidelines come at a time when Muslims from across the world head over to the holy places in Saudi Arabia, especially during Ramadan. As it happens, this year, the kingdom expects approximately 9 million pilgrims by the end of Ramadan! Not to mention, a host of facilities for Muslims have also been unveiled by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which includes allowing GCC residents to apply for a tourist visa, regardless of the profession, and allowing visa holders to perform Umrah.

So, don’t forget to download this app and schedule your appointment before deciding to undertake this holy pilgrimage.

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