Harsh Goenka Asks Netizens To Guess The Indian Thalis; And They Almost Guessed All Of Them

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Harsh Goenka Asks Netizens To Guess The Indian Thalis; And They Almost Guessed All Of Them

India is rich in diversity, and you can see it even in its lip-smacking cuisines. If you ever visit a region, a state, or a city in India, make sure you try thali there. A thali helps you get a taste of every flavour the place has to offer. Renowned industrialist Harsh Goenka shared pictures of some Indian thalis that he relished. He asked Netizens to guess the names of all the thalis, and Netizens did quite well. 

Harsh Goenka Shares Snaps Of Indian Thalis

Industrialist Harsh Goenka posted some pictures of Indian thalis on his official Twitter handle. The pictures are of lip-smacking Indian thalis that he relished from different states recently. He mentioned that all these thalis are from different parts of India.

Furthermore, he asked Netizens to guess the names of the places each thali belonged to. 

The pictures looked very enticing and could literally make anyone crave a good, fulfilling thali. He had named the pictures with letters like ABCD for Netizens to name them as they made a guess. 

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Some Guessed The Names While Some Spoke About India’s Diversity

As soon as pictures of these Indian thalis surfaced on Harsh Goenka’s Twitter account, many Netizens began posting their guesses. Harsh Goenka made sure to reply to each one and let them know if their answers were right or not. 

People used the letters A, B, C, and D to guess the names, and some also gave reasons behind their guesses. Some of them asked the industrialist to share the name of the restaurant/restaurants where he relished these amazing-looking thalis. To this, he replied that he relished all of this at home and not in any restaurant

One of the users said that he was not interested in guessing the name but did speak about how diverse and beautiful India’s cuisines are and said that he enjoyed having a look at them instead. 

One of the users commented on all the right names. Picture A is a Sindhi thali, Picture B features a Kashmiri thali, Picture C features a Himachali thali; and the last one is a Maharashtrian thali. 

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How many did you guess right?

Cover Image Courtesy: Flickr