Hate Waiting? Apply For Indian Tatkal Passport. Application Process, Fees And All You Need To Know

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Hate Waiting? Apply For Indian Tatkal Passport. Application Process, Fees And All You Need To Know

We all know how tedious and tiring the entire passport application process can get. Applying for appointments becomes a ‘wish we could avoid’ task! And after that comes the waiting period, which can make anyone super impatient. Many times it gets urgent to fly, but we get stuck because of our passports. To tackle this, the Indian government introduced the Tatkal passport facility.

Hate Waiting? Apply For Indian Tatkal Passport 

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By using a tatkal passport scheme, one might shorten the typically lengthy process of applying for a passport and receive one within a few days. Along with a quicker processing period that allows you to have a passport in a matter of days, this program offers a more straightforward manner to obtain one.

Here’s how you can apply for it: 

Step 1: Create an account on Passport Seva’s official website.

Step 2: Enter your ID and password to login.

Step 3: You’ll be presented with the choices Fresh and Reissue. Pick the solution that best suits your needs.

Step 4: Choose the ‘Tatkal’ option under the plan type and download. Complete the application form.

Step 5: Step 6: Online form submission and payment

Step 6: Print the receipt for the online transaction.

Step 7: Schedule an appointment with the local Passport Service Kendra.  (As per Times Travel)

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Applicability And Fees

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It’s crucial to remember that the passport office has the last say over the Tatkal scheme’s passport issuing. The Tatkal passport scheme is not available for the following: 

  • Those who had a major name change
  • Those whose current addresses are outside the RPO’s area of control
  • Candidates who were repatriated at the government’s expense
  • Those who were sent back to India or who had an emergency certificate
  • Those of Naga descent, including minors (under the age of 18)
  • Those of Naga descent, even those who live outside of Nagaland
  • Individuals with a J&K origin, including juveniles (under 18)
  • Applicants who are subject to Section 6(2)(e) or 6(2)(f) requirements (pertaining to criminal court matters)
  • Those who have a poor police record, are on a watch list, frequently forget their passports, or have previously used a false or fake passport.

The tatkal system passport fee is ₹3500 for a 36-page booklet. The standard scheme’s passport fee is ₹2000 for a 60-page booklet. The tatkal scheme passport fee is ₹4000 for a 60 page booklet.

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