Have Beer In The Mountains At This Legendary British-Style Pub In Darjeeling That Oozes Nostalgia

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Have Beer In The Mountains At This Legendary British-Style Pub In Darjeeling That Oozes Nostalgia

Darjeeling is famous for its always pleasant climate and the breathtaking views of the Kanchenjunga ranges. The place is also known for its natural and cultural heritage. While this place already houses some of the most unique and amazing cafes, restaurants, and clubs, we would like to introduce you to this hidden gem. Joey’s Pub is a legendary British-style pub in Darjeeling that simply oozes nostalgia as you sip beer. 

Joey’s Pub: A British Style Pub In Darjeeling

Go out and ask any local here, and they will surely name Joey’s pub as the best one. It is a legendary British-style pub in Darjeeling and can rightly be termed as the centre of nightlife. This local’s favourite pub is situated on the narrow lane right on the opposite side of the post office on Laden La Road.  It is spread across almost the entire first floor of a multi-story building. 

The new and more spacious bar maintains the same elegance and class it was known for before the renovation. There are cushioned chairs and comfy sofas around the table. The bar has some elegant bar- stools, and the bar shelf is stocked with colourful liquor bottles. The ceiling is lit with a lovely false ceiling and LED lights that bring in the party vibe. You might meet many foreign guests here, as the bustling bar serves many of them. 

British-style pub in Darjeeling
Pic credits: @darjeelingtourism/Website

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A Classy, Vibrant Place In Darjeeling

The posh bar is stocked with liquors of both Indian and international brands. You will be happily served a good variety of beer, whiskey, vodka, rum, gin, and wine here. The vibe of the pub is simply classy yet vivacious. The bar does not serve draught beer, which is otherwise served in all the pubs. The reason behind it is its shelf life. Because there are no continuous demands, they do not serve draught beer here. 

Talking about food, the pub does not serve you proper food. However, they do serve you some light finger snacks with the drinks. The history of this pub dates back to 1991, when it was opened in a bungalow-type building by Puran Gangoba, also fondly known as Uncle Joey. The little British-style pub in Darjeeling shot to fame only because of Puran and his efforts. After the demise of Puran, the property was handed over for redevelopment by the family. 

Though the place is now new after the renovation, locals talk about how the feel inside remains the same! 

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Cover Image Courtesy: @darjeelingtourism/Website & unsplash