Have You Visited The Gudibande Fort In Bengaluru Yet?

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Have You Visited The Gudibande Fort In Bengaluru Yet?

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Gudibande Fort makes for a perfect getaway spot, 100 km away from Bengaluru that boasts a temple and stunning views from the top.

What Is It?

Located about 100 km away from the city of Bengaluru, the Gudibande Fort seems like an ideal plan to step out for a long drive on a weekend and witness the spectacular beauty of the Fort.

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What’s In It?

The rocky terrain makes for a perfect climb up the hill, great for trekking enthusiasts to find joy in. The Fort has seven levels with interconnecting escape routes and dates back to the 17th century when it was built by local chieftain Byre Gowda.

The interconnecting escape routes would help the soldiers to flee in case of an emergency or war.

Once you reach the summit of the hill, you’ll find a Shiva temple which is believed to be one of the oldest and one of the 108 Jyotirlingas. Witness the sculptures and take in the mesmerizing views from the top.

The breath-taking panoramic views from the top make the climb worth it. The fort’s main feature is the rainwater harvesting, it is said that there were around 19 rock pounds at different levels of the fort.

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Address: Gudibanda, Karnataka 561209
Duration of the trek: 45 mins (Approx.)


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