Head To CR Park In Delhi To Get A Slice Of Bengali Street Food In Delhi

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Head To CR Park In Delhi To Get A Slice Of Bengali Street Food In Delhi

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Take a trip down to the lanes of CR Park Market in South Delhi to try the best of Bengali cuisine in Delhi NCR.

What Is It?

Chittaranjan Park Market 1 & has an array of shops lined up with tantalizing flavours selling mouth-watering Bengali delicacies for you to relish. The Market boasts several shops where you can get a taste of the authentic of Bengali food from Mustard fish to puchkas.

What’s In It?

Start your trip with Maa Tara tucked away in Market 2 of CR Park and try the Mutton Curry once you’re there. Pocket-friendly prices and delicious food, Maa Tara is for all the Bongs in NCR and people looking for an authentic Bengali meal that will never fail to disappoint you.

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Next up, hit Kolkata Biryani House for an authentic Kolkata Biryani meal. Try the Egg Biryani, Chicken Biryani and Chicken Tikka. The place is not very hard to spot and is located in CR Park Market 1.

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If you’re craving a delish Bengali Fish Thali then head straight to Amar Shonar Bangla and choose to indulge in their Fish Thali, Chicken Thali, Veg Thali and Puti Macher Chorchori. For desserts, order yourself the famous sweet delicacy of Bengal, Rashgulla and Mishti Doi.

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Take a delish bite of authentic Kolkata Puchkas from Raju Puchka Wala located in Market 1 that serves an incredible combination of a spicy mixture of jeera, coriander, black pepper, green chillies and black chana as wheat puchkas. Also try Aloo chaat which is a famous dish there that is served with boiled potatoes, tamarind water, chickpeas, onions and masala.

Next time you’re in Delhi and are craving Bengali food, head straight to CR Park in South Delhi and treat your taste buds.


Where: Chittaranjan Park Market 1 & 2, New Delhi
Cost for two: ₹500 (Approx.)

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