Head To The Meating Room For Indian Delicacies With A Delicious Twist

by Saniya
Head To The Meating Room For Indian Delicacies With A Delicious Twist

Oh, its summer and taking your grill set to the parks and beaches are out of bounds. So what do we do with the grill cravings that we are having right now? We recommend you check out this quaint and quirky restaurant going by the name The Meating Room in the scuttling neighborhood of Karama. While the name might suggest that you are in for a somber setting, we shall tell you that this restaurant is packed with chirping customers making it a busy diner!

The Meating Room (Source: Instagram)

What’s It?

Open in 2017, this concept restaurant offers the perfect Indian dishes fused with some of the tastiest flavors from across the globe. They serve tastiest of homegrown tangs perfectly amalgamated into your meat. You will be surprised to see how flavorful and fancy some of the choicest street foods served here are.

Take a sitting outside as you look down the hustling of Karama and Al Wasl in full swing or reserve a table indoors. The indoors are a cozier setting with a relatively small dining area while the indoors are a lot more spacious for larger groups! But we love the woody taste that the restaurant offers with its ambiance. Be it the wooden platters carrying our food or the rustic timber finish of the restaurant- it’s the perfect old school and upscale feel one could ask for.

On The Menu

Order a street style bhutta bringing back the memories of rainy outings in your hometown. But there’s a twist! Your favorite Bhutta priced at AED 23 has got a Mexican touch to it as its perfectly coated with lime and chili. It adds the much-needed spice to the sweet of the corn.

Want something more? Well, then Rumali rolls might just be what you are looking for. Rumali rotis are rolled up with a filling of Paneer or Chicken served with a dip so that you can warm up your taste buds for all the desi fusion goodness that’s to follow.

But hey we told you it was the perfect alternative to satiate your grill cravings, didn’t we? Take a bite off their BBQ section of the menu. Their Bihari bhaiya (for AED 40) is the perfect melt-in-the-mouths in the form of meat that are a great hit with their customers. If Meat for The Meating Room is what you are craving for then order up The Long Haul for AED 38. Wanna know the best part? This minced Kebab delicacy is Turkish styled serving, presented to you with fries and a yogurt dip great for some Mediterranean twist. Can’t decide which grill to order? Then why settle for less. Order their resplendent special- The Meating Room platter for AED 98 that serves you a delicious assortment of their Kebabs, so you know you aren’t missing out on anything.

They have a small section of Vegetarian offering Daal Makhni at AED 30 and Broccoli & Cheese Kofta at AED 34 so you know your vegetarian friends aren’t left out on this wonderful experience. Desi food isn’t what you want to get high on? They also have their Wok specials offering some of the classic Oriental food like Wok Fried Rice and Hakka Noodles for the Chinese food lovers.

Tired with the summer heat and want to sip something down to cool your parched throats? Then their Lemongrass cooler may just be what you are looking for.

In for some adventurous dessert after your meal? Then check out their Chili Chocolate Brownie. Sooth down the burning sensation of the chili with the caramel crunch dollop of ice cream on top. We know we are excited.. are you?!


Where: Al Wasl, Karama
Opening Hours: 12:30 PM- 12 Midnight
Price: AED 135 for two
Contact: 04 5260333 (Reservations recommended)