Head To The Summer Carnival At Pheonix Marketcity Chennai

by Madhusree Chatragadda
Head To The Summer Carnival At Pheonix Marketcity Chennai

This is a Summer Carnival like no other! Re-Live The art of Puppetry and Story Telling Here In Pheonix Marketcity, Chennai.

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The Carnival
The Art and Puppetry festival in organised at Pheonix Marketcity in Chennai sees the revival of this old form of art that has not been doing the rounds off lately but remains endearing and beautiful. Each show also has traditional music playing in the background often in regional languages.

You get to see not only the old and traditional Kathputlis of this almost forgotten form of entertainment but also elusive, international puppet galleries. You also get to enjoy some string puppetry shows!

The Art
Each puppetry show basically recites a story.  Plays are put on through this art primarily. And it’s quite intriguing and innovative. Can be enjoyed across all ages. In fact, there are some fun workshops arranged for kids that will surely pique their interest.

They can also get clicked with their favourite Marvel characters. The kids can also indulge in daily activities held at the mall with play areas for your little ones as well while you enjoy soothing performances from Seema Kohli, a well known contemporary artist and storyteller now based in Delhi.

Her shows and stories are all about her displacement from Pakistan to India and often leave people mesmerised. So are you ready to soak up some traditional art forms at this innovative carnival?

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