Head To This Joint In Bengaluru For Authentic Special Bombay Khichda

by Shreya J
Head To This Joint In Bengaluru For Authentic Special Bombay Khichda

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Get Bombay’s Special dish which is a toothsome and hearty meat dish served from a stall on Mosque road in Bengaluru.

What Is It?

Missing Bombay? Especially it’s food? Then we’ve found just the right place for you. Head to this stall in Bengaluru that serves Special Bombay Khichda, which is prepared with mutton meat and is laden generously with lentils and spices, cooked until deliciously mushy in consistency. It is garnished with fresh mint leaves, ghee and fried onions! If you’re a true meat lover, you’ll know the difference between Haleem and Khichda instantly, however, it has often been confused for being the same.

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What Else?

The couple who runs the stall serve a homemade style Khichda in two versions: Chicken and Mutton! Despite being located in a street filled with other eateries, their stall gets a lot of attention due to its flavourfulness which is nothing but authentic. It’s also budget-friendly as one bowl costs around Rs. 70 only and a plus is that it totally screams comfort food.

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Address: Special Bombay Kichda, near Karama, in front of bus stand, Mosque Road
Phone: 9342069802
Timings: 5PM – 10 PM


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