Health Inspectors In Hyderabad Uncover Rodents And Rotten Food At Hotel New Fishland And ‘The Bar’

Hotel Ashoka presented a slightly better picture.

by Nikitha Sebastian
Health Inspectors In Hyderabad Uncover Rodents And Rotten Food At Hotel New Fishland And ‘The Bar’

Recent inspections by the food safety commissioner’s task force in Hyderabad’s Lakdikapul area have unearthed disturbing hygiene lapses including rodents and rotten food at several food establishments. The inspections, aimed at ensuring public safety, revealed a worrying disregard for basic food safety protocols.

Rodents And Rotten Food In Hyderabad

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Hotel New Fishland emerged as a prime example. Inspectors encountered a scene straight out of a nightmare: rats scurried freely across the floor and even ventured into the exhaust vents. This blatant disregard for pest control extended to the lack of any documentation when requested by the task force.

The situation worsened with uncovered dustbins overflowing with waste, and concerning practises like storing partially prepared food items in the refrigerator without proper covers or labels. Further investigation revealed the use of unauthorised synthetic food colours, which were promptly confiscated. To top it off, the establishment failed to produce the food handlers’ medical fitness certificates and the original food licence for inspection.

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Notices Issued By Authorities

Image Courtesy: Canva (Representative Image)

Inspectors observed similar violations at ‘The Bar’. During the inspection, they found the bar lacked a crucial document – a water analysis report.  Discovery of a missing water analysis report at The Bar caused alarm about the safety of drink and ice preparation. Unearthing expired food items like chicken, mayonnaise, and pasta, inspectors discarded them immediately.

Hotel Ashoka presented a slightly better picture. Inspectors found a valid FSSAI licence, pest control records, and staff medical certificates. However, the hotel wasn’t entirely spotless. Inspectors discovered expired food items like chicken and liquid caramel colour. A closer look by inspectors revealed infestations of black beetles in the green gram dal and cockroaches near the red meat storage area.

Following the inspections, notices were issued to all three establishments by authorities in accordance with the FSSAI Act. These incidents highlight the critical need for stricter enforcement of food safety regulations in Hyderabad. Consumers deserve the assurance that the food they consume is prepared hygienically and with ingredients that are safe for consumption.

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The task force’s efforts in identifying these violations serve as a wake-up call for the food industry. Implementing robust sanitation measures, maintaining up-to-date documentation, and adhering to proper food storage protocols are non-negotiable aspects of running a responsible food business.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva (Representative Image)