Healthy Tiffin Services In Hyderabad For COVID Infected Patients & Families In Quarantine

by Tania Tarafdar
Healthy Tiffin Services In Hyderabad For COVID Infected Patients & Families In Quarantine

Like many other parts of the country, Hyderabad has seen a surge in cases in the past few days. And while hospitals and health care facilities are overwhelmed, many residents are stepping up to help those in need. Some are offering help to deliver essentials and medicines others are helping with day-to-day food requirements. The home chefs, tiffin services, and cloud kitchens have been working round the clock to ensure that the affected families get their daily nutrition intake. Here’s a list of all the COVID meal services in Hyderabad that you need to save right now.

Tiffin Services

Anil Agarwal of Sai Kailash Dhaba in Attapur are taking lunch and dinner orders for Attapur, Malakpet, Koti, Shamshabad, and Nalanda Nagar,” he says. And while the dhaba has been catering to pandemic-affected families since last year, the demand has gone up with the surge in cases. A 14-day lunch package will cost you around ₹4000 and lunch and dinner packages cost ₹6000.
Contact number: 9989273333

An IT professional Bhargavi Bijjam is also cooking for the COVID-19 families in her neighbourhood, each day. Bhargavi invited like-minded people for help on Instagram through the initiative #COOK. She and her friends have been supplying food, medicines, and other essentials for elders in the city. To make her service more eco-friendly, Bhargavi crowd-pooled disposable meal boxes from people.

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Home Chefs

Divya Sagar Mallela pack 50 lunch and dinner packages each day with the help of the cooks. Per meal would cost ₹499 for the entire family. Their package contains about half a kg of rice and 10 varieties of accompaniments, sufficient to feed a small family. They deliver with the help of third-party delivery services to KPHB, Miyapur, Madinaguda, Bachupally, and other nearby areas. You Can Provide Meals To COVID Patients Even If You Can’t Cook; Here’s How

Pinky Gupta is cooking and providing breakfast, lunch, and dinner to COVID-infected patients. The package for 14 days for all the meals ₹3,500. She delivers nutritious and hygienic food to the doorstep. The delivery charges are extra.
Contact number: 9381342700

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Also, reach out to Sanghi Caterers that offers all three meals for 14 days at ₹6,300: Ph 9247756006