Order Healthy Food From These Tiffin Services In Pune As You Quarantine At Home

by Tania Tarafdar
by Tania Tarafdar 727

As cases spike all over the country, many states have been forced to impose a lockdown once again. If you are in quarantine, cooking can be a tedious task. Cooking can be even more exhausting if you are infected by the virus. Here are some tiffin services in Pune that deliver home-cooked meals to your doorstep. Not only are these meals made keeping nutrition in mind but are also precautionary measures. 

1. Shree Poona Modh Mitra Manda

When you are sheltering at home during the second wave of coronavirus order healthy food from Shree Poona Modh Mitra Mandal. They supplied thousands of tiffins to the people in Pune in the last few months. This initiative has already delivered more than 9000 tiffins and served up to 300 tiffins free of cost. The good Samaritans running this food initiative have used their funds for this scheme. 

Contact: 98814 83450

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2.Aakanksha Sadekar

Known by the handle @scottishladki on Twitter, Aakanksha Sadekar runs a free food delivery initiative to help infected patients quarantining at home. The initiative totally runs on donations and. You can also be a part of the initiative by donating cash or kind like vegetables, groceries, or more. 5 Home Cooks In Bangalore That Deliver Healthy Food To Covid Infected Households

Contact: DM on Twitter @scottishladki 

3.Mummy Meals

Subscribe to home-cooked meals starting at ₹83 with Mummy Melas. They will deliver freshly-cooked meals in two hours, to your doorstep. You can reach out to them at 906-769-0096. 

4. Shri Mukund Bhavan Trust

City-based social organizations, Shri Mukund Bhavan Trust and Shri Maheshwari Samaj Shriram Mandir Trust have started providing free tiffin to the COVID-19 patients. You can reach Shri Mukund Bhavan Trust at  1800 233 4526 and Maheshwari Samaj Shriram Mandir Trust at 

Here are some more services in Pune delivering nutritious foods to patients. 

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We will keep updating this list with more numbers. Watch out this space for all the updated COVID information. 


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