These Tiffin Services In Kolkata Are Delivering Home-Style Food For COVID Infected Patients In Quarantine

by Suchismita Pal
These Tiffin Services In Kolkata Are Delivering Home-Style Food For COVID Infected Patients In Quarantine

The second wave of the pandemic is wreaking havoc on the nation, and after Mumbai and Delhi, now Kolkata is also bearing the brunt of it.  Every day, India is witnessing a ‘new high’ in the number of coronavirus cases and hospitals are running out of beds, oxygen supply and medications. Amid the trying times, many good samaritans are coming forward to offer help in whatever ways they can. For all the infected quarantined patients, a hygienic, wholesome diet is very important. Therefore, several organisations and establishments have started offering tiffin services for COVID patients across the country. These services especially come to the aid of the patients with no help at home.

Tiffin Services Kolkata COVID Infected Patients
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Here is a list of the various tiffin services in Kolkata that are delivering home-style food to quarantined patients:

  • Dolar Ranna Ghor ( All over Kolkata): 9831830794
  • Lintu Dhaba ( Kasba): 9874401999/7003291232
  • Tiffin Bros ( All over Kolkata): 6289984733
  • Epikyoor ( All over Kolkata): 9123691546/8240648072
  • Inrita’s Kitchen ( Sealdah, Moulali, Taltala, CIT Road, Park Circus and other adjacent areas): 8910089477/ 8583020877
  • Nishat Tasnim ( Beck Bagan): 8697767907/9051811210
  • Amrito Home Delivery ( All Over Kolkata): 9051159815
  • Priyank Kothari ( All Over Kolkata): 9051376319
  • Mrs Kitchen ( New Town): 9830574772
  • Sarvasv Food ( All over Kolkata): 8240571316/9007545785
  • Arnab Home Delivery ( All over Kolkata): 9051159815
  • Bhramori Roy, Kheyechhe Cloud Kitchen, South Kolkata: 9830041714
  • Spoonfuel ( All over Kolkata): 9007760418
  • Bhuri Bhoj ( Howrah): 9051831115
  • InstaDiet: website
  • Debasree Basu, Subhra Basu ( Belgachia, Paikpara and adjoining areas): 9674074411/ 9051333386 ( starts from May 5, 2021)
  • Food For Soul ( South Kolkata): 9477983961
  • JustMyRoots ( All Over Kolkata): 7777027222; website: here

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Social Media Is Playing A Pivotal Role To Reach Out To A Large Number Of People

A large number of people are using social media platforms to convey important information like hospital details, sources of oxygen and bed availability, contact details of tiffin services and many more. Following are the details of some tiffin service providers in Kolkata shared on Instagram:


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Some details were shared on Twitter as well:


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Carrd.Co Comes Up With A Comprehensive List Of Oxygen Renting, Plasma Donation, Meals And Other COVID Related Facilities

A small group of individuals, who are having full-time jobs, have come up with a platform with details of beds, ventilators, oxygen rent, plasma donation, COVID testing, home care facilities, meals delivery and more in West Bengal. The list is being updated from time to time with the latest information. The platform,, reads, “This list of resources is crowdsourced. The purpose of this is to ensure that all the information scattered across various social media platforms is organised methodically in one place, accessible to all, and easy to find at times of need. Those who submit leads directly through the google form attached here will be credited by name, the rest of the information has primarily been gathered from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.”

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If you also know someone who is offering help, tell us in the comments section below. The virus is spreading like wildfire. The doctors and frontliners are working day and night to put the pandemic at bay. So, step out only when it is absolutely necessary. Wear your masks and stay safe.